See Carbon @ Siggraph 2014

We'll be @ Siggraph 2014 in Vancouver demonstrating latest
Carbon features. Also we will be making some exciting customer
and product announcements. Watch this space for more information.

To book a meeting to see Carbon in the flesh please email;

Numerion Software unveils "Carbon"

Carbon™ is the next generation physics library in development at Numerion Software™.   Carbon is particularly well suited to helping make characters more believable in games and animated movies. More

  • Soft Head

    Carbon Soft head demo, running in real-time, with real gravity on i7 3GHz. Created in Poser and then turned from a
    polygonal shell into a tetrahedral volume with the Carbon Volume Generator tool. 12,338 Tetras, 2 msec / frame = 6 million+ tetras/sec.

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