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Rule #1 when doing garment sim with an animated avatar ! 6 months 2 weeks ago #395

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If you are simulating a garment on an animated avatar, then rule #1 is to make sure that the animated geometry is not interpenetrating.
Are those hands going through the hips? That will corrupt a skirt / dress / trouser sim.

Are those upper arms interpenetrating the breast geometry? That and armpits are killer problems for shirt sims.
It's not even easy to tell when this happens just looking at the animation, because it can actually happen between frames!

Fortunately, in Carbon for Houdini there is a collision analysis tool to help you identify geometry interpenetrating animations -
Details in the Carbon docs here

Below is an example output from collision analysis -
Blue means that there has been some interpenetration of geometry during the animation sequence - (note some of those are fall positives because the triangles are very small like on the fingers.) Red means interpenetration on the current frame.

Regions marked 1,2 are where the hands have gone through the legs, that's going to corrupt a dress / skirt sim..
Regions 3,4 are where the arms had gone through the body geometry, this would be an issue if you were simulating a shirt.
Region 5 is where the legs have gone through each other - this would be an issue if you were simulating trousers.

If you can you should avoid / fix this type of geometry interpenetration in the animation. However, often in bigger studios you have to make it work as is, and that's why Carbon has lots of functionality to help make this work. Just check out the latest Carbon docs or reach out to us if you need help with this.

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