13th August 2014 - Nate Yellig (Dreamworks)  gave a great talk earlier today on the work they did with our Carbon Cloth (Houdini Plug-in),
for "How To Train Your Dragon 2". You can download the talk abstract here Download Here.


8th August 2014 - We are heading off to Siggraph. Looking forward to being in Vancouver again. If you are @ Siggraph be sure to attend Dreamworks' talk on Wednesday @ 4:45pm, where they will show some of the work they have been doing with Carbon Cloth, in "How To Train Your Dragon 2". There's some fun stuff in there.

9th June 2014 -  Great to see Nike’s “The Last Game” in the World Cup advertising roll. The Last Game was created by Passion Pictures using Carbon Cloth. When Passion couldn’t achieve what they wanted with their current cloth solution, they turned to Carbon.


1st March 2014 - We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Technology Strategy Board grant to investigate the feasibility of using our advanced Carbon Cloth simulation to match the behavior of a specific real fabric. The 12 month project is entitled "Feasibility of real-time, high quality, simulation of real fabrics, in the Cloud." We will be measuring real fabric properties to help us explore many aspects of real fabric simulation characteristics including Anisotropy and how to map that to Carbon's representation of materials. We expect to develop cool new features that we can integrate into Carbon Cloth once the project completes.