Carbon in Houdini and Maya has always been highly parallelized and the fastest simulating Hero Cloth (high quality) solution available.
But there is always room for improvement, especially with smaller scenes that did not parallelize well.
So, without compromising quality, we have reworked the core algorithms during the last 6 months to extract typically 35% performance improvement for these smaller scenes and even up to 100% improvement in certain scenarios. While larger scenes typically see around 15% improvement.

These enhancements have come over several Carbon builds and are now fully incorporated into Carbon for Houdini 9.6.3 and Carbon Cloth for Maya 2.8.0

Please note we are now reaching the point where your OS (especially on Windows)/ machine setup can have a significant impact on performance, and we have noted what we do to extract maximum performance in the Carbon forum. extracting-maximum-carbon-simulation-performance-from-your-computer

This is a very short video with a couple of performance improvement examples - enjoy.

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