Numerion is pleased to announce the availability of Carbon Cloth for Maya 2.8.0, which includes a couple of cool new features.
Firstly, it supports a newly developed narrow collision filter that allows the fast and easy selection of mesh primitives that you do not want to collide between Carbon Cloth/Morph/Collider.
Very useful for panel based garment stitching and many other uses as you can get a glimpse of the functionality in this short video -

This extends the number of Carbon collision filtering choices available to three.
See the table at this link for details of all three Carbon Collision filtering options

Secondly, this build also supports a separate self-collision cloth thickness, from the actual cloth thickness.
Here the image on the right has a self-collision thickness higher than the cloth thickness.
(Note: Any apparent reductions in the self-collision thickness on the right are due to the viewing angle).