1st October 2014 - We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Change of Paradigm and University of Surrey (Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing), to explore "Fabric based garment and structure design, selling and manufacture with zero prototyping", under the Innovate UK competition "Towards Zero Prototyping". Its an 18 month project that we are kicking off 1st October 2014. This project will allow us to further develop Carbon's capability for the Fashion market, following on from the work we did in our previous Innovate UK supported project "Feasibility of real-time, high quality, simulation of real fabrics, in the Cloud." We expect to develop cool new features that we can integrate into Carbon Cloth once the project completes.

Public description of the project. This project will carry out research to acquire the knowledge and skills required to simulate the behaviour and photorealistic visualization of fabric based garments and structures, in 3D real-time, to enable the design, selling and manufacturing of fabric products with zero physical prototypes. The innovation here is that no one today, anywhere in the world, is delivering high quality, 3D real-time fabric behaviour simulation and photorealistic visualisation matched to real fabric. This UK project team brings together the experience in simulation, photorealistic visualization, fabric and fashion, and computer vision to make this a reality. This technology would also enable new business models e.g. in the fashion industry garments could be offered to consumers prior to manufacture for try-on and outfit mixing, and personalisation e.g. fabrics, colours etc. before purchase. It would also encourage local manufacture-on-demand to meet shorter delivery times and support a revitalised UK fashion manufacturing economy. Other applications for virtual fabric prototypes matched to real fabric, include engineering and architecture, from tents, balloons to space based structures