6th June 2017 - We are excited to announce that we are almost ready to share our new Lattice Plumage / Foliage solution.

This is our second plumage product and it uses a different approach to the existing solution to ensure that we can cater to all plumage related needs of our customers.

Users are now able to provide a complete set of animated feathers for the whole plumage. These feathers can all have individual deformations and must only share the same grid topology.



This approach also excels for foliage simulations, as most foliage systems work natively with lattice geometry, so our new lattice based solution is making it even easier to integrate Carbon into your existing workflow for all types of plants and foliage simulations.

Having the option to use lattice guides with different resolutions makes this new feature so versatile that it can be used to simulate a large variety of plants, ranging from thousands of low-resolution leaves on a tree to a few dozen high-resolution fern leaves.

Remember that each and every object in Carbon is fully integrated and can interact/collide with any other Carbon object. You can see how the fern grows and bends along the tree trunk in the video below. One could also imagine an animal walking by the fern and brushing the leaves with its body; or fruits falling down from the tree and landing on the leaves, deforming them under their weight.

Here is a teaser for a fern growing by a tree and reacting to wind gusts:

Stay tuned as more information about this new feature will follow in the next few weeks...