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Known Issues 2.16.1 [Updated 9th September 2021] 2 years 9 months ago #66

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This is an ongoing list of Known Issues - as of the version 2.16.1 of Carbon For Maya plugin:

  • Tailored cloth model only works with triangle geometry: When using the Tailored cloth model, please be aware that this only works with triangle geometry. Quad meshes are not supported at this stage.
  • Issues with multiple instances of a node type’s Attribute Editor: If there are more than one instance of Attribute Editors of a node type, for example Carbon Cloth, it triggers errors messages, such as: Object’s name ‘CarbonClothgroupASourceButtonS’ is not unique. This could happen when using Copy Tab or Hypershade as they create new Attribute Editor instances, which generate ui elements whose names conflict with existing ui elements.
  • Plugin does not work when a node (for example Carbon Simulation) is created during Maya's startup process before Maya has finished loading the Carbon plugin: This happens when the Carbon plugin is set to auto load on startup and has not finished loading yet. Please inspect the Script Editor to make sure no more messages (related to loading plugins) appear. It is then safe to start working with Carbon.
  • Aerodynamics / Carbon Flow does not currently work properly with Carbon Simulation Simulation Space: When using Aerodynamics in a Carbon Simulation that has a non-default Simulation Space, it will neither take the Simulation Space’s transform, nor its local velocity from the animation into account.
  • Physics Draw replay does not work for Carbon Flow with animated Uniform Field: When using a Carbon Flow with an animated Uniform Field, playing a cached simulation will display the Physics Draw using the last Uniform Field vector value.
  • Animation geometry and Physics Draw do not reliably update in DG Evaluation Mode: Please change the Evaluation Mode to Parallel. This can be found under Windows->Settings/Preferences->Preferences->Settings ->Animation->Evaluation.
  • Editing Physics Draw parameters while the Maya 2019 Evaluation Cache is activated can result in unpredictable behavior of the Physics Draw: We recommend to turn off Evaluation Cache while editing Physics Draw parameters.
  • Geo draw out of sync with Physics Draw on first frame if simulation start frame=0 and maya timeline starts at frame 1: If possible, use a Simulation Start Frame > 0.
  • Collision Face Group selection cannot be empty: If you create an empty selection then Carbon will default to 100% of faces selected. This limitation will be addressed in a future release.
  • Maya scene loading with Drag and Drop is unreliable: Loading a scene by dragging and dropping a Maya file into the viewport is not guaranteed to set up the Carbon scene parameters correctly. Please open scene files using the Maya menu.
  • Non-unique names of Carbon nodes’ Maya shapes can trigger warnings and errors: We urge users to apply unique names to all of their Carbon nodes’ Maya shapes.
  • New parameters do not automatically get updated during parameter deprecation: Currently, new parameters need to be set manually when loading a scene saved from an older Carbon For Maya version that now contains deprecated parameters.
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