Carbon Maya Plug-in

High Performance, Art Directable, Hero Cloth Simulation

Carbon Cloth is production proven for simulation of clothing, ropes, sails, nets, and deformable skin.
Today, Carbon Cloth is used by many large and small studios, around the world.



Quality and Performance

Carbon Cloth uses an advanced cloth model to deliver high quality cloth simulation which when combined with robust collision and techniques such as pinch mitigation, supports the very highest quality Hero cloth simulation. Highly optimized data and code combined with a multi-threaded design from the ground up, ensures that Carbon Cloth extracts the maximum from your workstation and servers.

Carbon Cloth now available for Maya 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 - by popular demand

Carbon Cloth for Maya® is the result of 18 months of R&D, developing a second-generation Carbon Tool library and applying the learning from the last 7 years of tool integration.
Here's a short 90 sec video overview of Carbon Cloth for Maya - with many thanks to Simon Legrand for the voiceover and script - enjoy...


Carbon Cloth for Maya 0.9.1 introduces some really cool and powerful art direction features that are best appreciated live -
check them out in this brief video overview ..

New 0.9.1 feature list - 

      • Selection of faces that don't collide for Cloth, Collider, Morph.
      • Binding now supports self binding of Cloth.
      • Morph point selection to mark Cloth areas.
      • Binding and Stitching Reference.
      • Binding offset.
      • Paint Map Physics Draw to Morph and Cloth.
      • Goal Pose Physics Draw to Morph and Cloth.
      • Bend, Stretch and Surface Stress export for Cloth.

Additional features beyond those in the intro video.

There are a few key features that are not covered in the video, including:  

        • Simulations can be layered where the output of one feeds the input of another.
        • The Carbon cache of each simulation behaves as you expect. You do not need to resim the input, unless it changes.
        • Stitching constraint - to stitch a cloth to itself, or another cloth.
        • Goal Pose / Goal Skin provides the ability to constrain a cloth with an animation, on a per node basis.
        • ESC key is available to interrupt the simulation and is read directly by Carbon from the keyboard, so it works effectively, even with multi-threading.
        • Partial reset of the Carbon simulation cache
        • Check out the latest build release notes here.

Evaluation FAQ

    • Why does Carbon have its own cache?
      • The Carbon cache is a simulation cache - this is very different to a geometry cache. A simulation cache allows us to restart the simulation at any valid frame just as though it has simulated up to that frame. Opens up exciting possibilities, especially in Maya 2020.

    • Can I run the Carbon Cloth for Maya with my Carbon for Houdini licenses?
      • Yes.

    • Can I run Carbon for Houdini with my Carbon Cloth for Maya license?
      • If you want to run Carbon in Maya and Houdini then you need Carbon for Houdini licenses.  

    • Can I run Carbon for Houdini with my Carbon Cloth for Maya production license?
      • Today if you wish to switch licenses freely between Carbon Cloth for Maya and Carbon for Houdini, then you need Carbon for Houdini licenses. You can request those by emailing

    • Are the evaluation licenses floating or machine locked?
      • By default, licenses are machine locked. If you are a major studio and require floating evaluation licenses then please make that request via the evaluation sign up form or email

    • Will the evaluation licenses work for Maya 2018, 2019 and 2020 versions?
      • Yes, one license will work with all of them.

    • Can I install the Maya 2018, 2019, 2020 and Maya 2022 versions of Carbon on the same machine?
      • Yes

    • How long will the evaluation license be valid for?
      • 14 days

    • Are there any limitations in the evaluation version?
      • No.

    • What versions of Maya is the Carbon Cloth for Maya compatible with?
      • It is compatible with all versions of Maya 2018, 2019, 2020 and the newly released Maya 2022.

    • Will there be support for earlier versions of Maya than 2018?
      • There is no plan to support earlier versions of Maya at the moment.

    • What platforms is Carbon Cloth for Maya supporting?
      • Tested on Windows 10 and Linux. We expect it to work on Windows 8.1 & 7 (SP1) as well.
      • If you are interested in a version for OSX then please register your interest through the evaluation signup buttons on this page.

    • Will Carbon for Maya support more than just cloth in the future?
      • Yes. By the end of 2022, we plan for most of the Carbon for Houdini functionality to be available in Maya and vice versa the new Carbon Tool functionality to be exposed in Houdini.

    • Is the Carbon Cloth for Maya the same as cloth in Carbon for Houdini?
      • Yes and No. Carbon Cloth for Maya is built on the second generation of Carbon Tool library, setting the scene for some interesting feature development during 2020.

    • Will Carbon for Houdini also move to this second generation of Carbon Tool library?
      • Yes, in due course. Right now, we are cherry picking features and back integrating them into Carbon for Houdini - such as plasticity that we released several months ago.

    • Can I move Carbon simulation assets between Maya and Houdini?
      • Today you only move the geometry, but the goal is to reach a point where you can move the Carbon assets, including their simulation properties, between packages.

    • Are you committed to further development of Carbon for Houdini?
      • Yes, very much so.

    • Is Carbon Cloth for Maya just as fast as Carbon cloth in Houdini?
      • The underlying Carbon library is the same and Carbon bypasses the Maya rendering to draw OpenGL directly into the graphics buffer, making the rendering very fast. So, in practice the Carbon performance is pretty much identical in both packages.

    • Can I get an evaluation of Carbon for Houdini?
      • Yes, to request a Carbon Plug-in for Houdini evaluation please email:

    • How much does a Carbon Cloth for Maya license cost?
    • How do I get in touch about something else?
      • We'd love to hear from you - email your question to

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