27th July 2018 - Congratulations to DNeg for the amazing VFX in Mission Impossible Fallout - that hits the big screen today. Carbon was used extensively, including in all the Digidouble work. They created high detail digi-doubles for Ethan Hunt and August Walker, mainly for the halo jump sequence but also in other costumes to be used elsewhere such as during the helicopter crash and the resulting fist fight on the cliff edge afterwards. More info here


1st July 2018 - We are heading off to Siggraph. Looking forward to being in Vancouver again.

If you are @ Siggraph we'd love to catch up.

Email us to set up a meeting, to hear/see the latest about Carbon.

Also @Siggraph check out Animal Logic's "Hares & Hairs" talk on their Peter Rabbit workflow using Carbon.

23rd April 2018 - Congratulations to Double Negative for the great effects in Avengers: Infinity War that premieres today.

All the simulated clothing was created with Carbon

20th April 2018 - Our friends from have done some fantastic work on the German movie "Die Kleine Hexe".

Their task was to create the raven "Abraxas", who is a central creature in the movie. Take a look at the movie trailer below:

For more information on's use of Carbon Plumage check out the  story.

24th March 2018 - Exactly 12 months ago, this one slipped past without us realising. Double Negative used Carbon tets to simulate Calvin in LIFE movie.

9th March 2018 - Nexus Studios’ directors Smith & Foulkes have partnered with Grey London in creating two beautifully crafted animated films, ‘Crane’ and ‘Brows’ for McVitie’s ‘Sweeter Together’ campaign, which had its first spot today during ITV's Good Morning. Carbon helped Nexus turn around the cloth sims in a very short time frame. For more info on Nexus Studios click here.

9th February 2018 - Congratulations to Animal Logic for some great FX in Peter Rabbit.

Animal Logic used Carbon in a very productive workflow, for all the cloth sim and some of the feather sim including the Goose.

January 2018 - Sehsucht has created an interesting short, "Guter Stoff", for German energy company EnBW.

Guter Stoff is one of the first films to be released using Carbon Plumage and we are very excited to share some feedback and technical information about this project.

For more information on Sehsucht's use of Carbon Plumage check out the  story.


20th December 2017 - Congratulations to Rodeo FX for the great visual effects in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

The Hippo fat, skin and saliva were all simulated with Carbon.