29th November 2019 - Numerion is pleased to announce that, Carbon for Houdini 18, is now available.

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High Performance Carbon Rigids with Dynamic mesh:mesh Collision.

Available now for Maya 2018 / 2019  / 2020 - as part of the Carbon Cloth for Maya V2 plug-in.

There is more to Rigids than bodies !

Check out this 49 sec. taster video

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6th September 2019

IT CHAPTER TWO hits the big screen and congratulations to Rodeo FX
for their work on IT CHAPTER TWO, with their extensive use of Carbon For Houdini.

it chapter two pennywise poster


5th September 2019

In response to customer feedback - we have recently introduced some key updates to Carbon Cloth for Maya.

1) Cloth Start Mesh can now be a frame from an animated geometry.

2) Carbon object initialization is now up to 10,000x faster - the previous data prep algorithms would choke on large perfect grid meshes.

3) Beta support for Maya fluids + tested with SOUP's OpenVDB plug-in.

+ lots of other tweaks and fixes. Release notes here.

Next major release in October - will include support for two-way Cloth - Rigid body interaction.

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7th August 2019

Kaptein Sabeltann is a popular Norwegian character.

All cloth simulated with Carbon in Houdini.
Coming to cinemas September 27th.


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24th July 2019

We've just released new Carbon builds for Houdini and Maya.

Carbon for Houdini build 9.2.5 adds support for the latest Houdini build H17.5.325 & 327 
and some bug fixes - check out release notes here - Carbon For Houdini 9.2.5 release notes

Carbon Cloth for Maya 1.1.3  is a bugfix  build. 
Check out release notes here - Carbon Cloth for Maya 1.1.3 release notes

If you are a Carbon licensee then you can download the latest builds from your account.
Otherwise please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1st July 2019

After nearly 6 months in beta, with 100s of artists carrying out evaluations, 
we are very excited to announce Carbon Cloth for Maya 1.0 is now officially Gold. A big thank you for all the feedback.

The next major update will be around the end of August when we will add support for rigids (rigid bodies) -
i.e. two-way interaction between rigids and cloth and also a major new feature that will just blow your minds ... and make your cloth sims much more efficient.

Carbon Cloth for Maya license options are detailed here -
Latest build info is here -

24th June 2019

It's been a crazy few months at Numerion.
In addition to the Carbon Cloth for Maya beta program (more on that in another post) and supporting/ updating Carbon for Houdini,
we are also in the closing stages of a very ambitious facial animation project with a major UK FX Studio.
Hopefully we'll be able to demonstrate the results from that in the coming months and talk in detail at next year's Siggraph.
The tech from the facial animation project will also make it into Carbon, (Maya and Houdini) later in the year.

We have also kicked off three new projects ranging from Fashion to Haptics - yes haptics - it's very dynamics intensive and requires a very robust collision solution. We've been hiring to support the new projects. More on these as we progress.

25th April 2019

Congratulations to Digital Domain for the amazing VFX in Avengers: Endgame - that hits the big screen today.
Carbon was used extensively, including in all their Digidouble work on Thanos, Dr Strange and Red Skull.